Where to Play the Best Live Online Casino Blackjack for Real Money for Australians

If you are looking for the top place to find the best reviews for Australia online blackjack, then Great Commission Casino Choices is your best choice. We have the most up-to-date information on where to play blackjack on the internet and all of the bonuses Australian casinos offer you. Take a look at the reviews below and you can find a casino to start gambling and winning online.

#1 – Omni Casino

five stars


Omni Casino is well known in the online gaming world as they have been online since 1997. They have a great selection of casino table games including Blackjack. Omni offers different forms of Blackjack to give players the maximum choice. These include multihand, 21 Duel, Pontoon, Switch and Lucky. Plus, they even have progressive Blackjack with a progressive jackpot you can try to win.
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#2 – Fly Casino

four and a half stars


Fly Casino is supported by over 16 years of experience and knowledge in the world of online gaming. You can even play Blackjack with Fly right from your desktop without having to load your web browser using the Playtech software. Fly offers great value for your gambling dollar by rewarding you with a 110% welcome bonus! So if you deposit $/£/€100, Fly will give you another $/£/€110 giving you $/£/€210 to play Blackjack with right away!
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online blackjack australiaBlackjack, known to some as twenty-one, is the most widely played casino game in pokies (slots) in a casino to entice stragglers and first timers to come play for real money. The game is not difficult to play, which is why it is so popular, but there is certain etiquette involved when you play with other players. Not understanding this etiquette can test the nerves of more experienced players, so it is wise to practice and ask questions before jumping in on a game for money. Another common association found with the game blackjack is “lucky lucky”. Lucky lucky is a separate bet, distinct from the blackjack game, and is based on the cards that are drawn between you and the dealer. There are many multiple combinations that can result in a payout, an example being a 21. Pulling out a 21 off the draw would win you money in the lucky lucky and likely be the winning hand in the blackjack (unless the dealer drew 21). Blackjack is equally popular in both the physical realm and the online world, and has become especially popular in Australia where you can play for real money online now. The game is so well known that is has been the subject of movies, websites, and books worldwide.

Blackjack History for Aussies Who Want to Play Online

history of blackjackThe origins of blackjack can be traced back to 17th century France, where it was originally identified solely as 21 and not the name we are used to today. “Blackjack” didn’t take form till much later and was the product of a hand containing the ace of spades and a blackjack. Being dealt this hand would pay you out 10:1 and would leave you feeling on top of the world. Unfortunately, the 10:1 winnings were scrapped, but the name stuck. Back when the game was still known as “21”, the popularity of it was low. The game didn’t spark a lot interest with players until a century later, when it was first introduced to casinos in North America. The game then spread like wildfire, as it was interactive and easy to get a hold of, and quickly made its way across the continent. Once it became a standard weapon in the arsenal of the casino, it ventured to all corners of the earth like a virus and even reached the southern continent of jolly Australia. Today, blackjack continues to be played daily by millions of users on both the Internet and in the casino. Like any other casino game, blackjack played online is beneficial to you as the player because it is more convenient to access and manage. You can bow out at any time you wish and don’t have to travel to and deal with the casino. Try accessing blackjack through any device you own that has Internet capabilities and avoid waiting for the casino to open and having to trek across town to deal with grumpy people who heckle you because you hit when you should have stayed.

Playing Internet Blackjack for Real Money is Great for Australian Beginners

play twenty-one online in AustraliaBeing a noobie at anything sucks. It is part of the process of learning and everyone goes through it at some point, but sticking to an environment where you can make controlled decisions and manage your failures is ideal. Walking into a casino, laying down $20 your first time gambling on blackjack with your real, hard-earned money and getting blown out the first hand is not the way to build a healthy relationship with the game. That is simply a recipe to lose money and build up a negative attitude. Trying your hand at blackjack online for real money is perfect for when you’re a beginner and are working to improve your skills. An online environment also gives you the opportunity to play for free or gamble with money, helping you to keep some of that money in your bank account as you continue to pick up the basics. The Internet is a fast, fun, and easy way to play as many rounds of the game as you choose, transition to small payoff games and develop your skills intelligently. You are free to make a move with more confidence, rather than being placed in a setting where other players may judge and scrutinize every decision you make.

Learn twenty-one online before gambling at a casino in Australia

australian woman playing blackjackOnce you start playing blackjack and gambling online, pick up how the game is played and begin to figure out little techniques that are beneficial, you can start slowly making your way into “for money” games and see how you fair. As with any gambling game, online or in an Australian casino, it is always smart to start small when you begin playing for real money. You may find that you have some skill, which blackjack does require, and could even begin compiling some extra savings money. Making your presence known in the online blackjack world will no doubt put you beside some great players, many who are happy to give you insights on how to better your game. Topics of discussion online often include: how to play against the dealer alone and in groups, managing multiple hands against the dealer, and underground facts and terminology involved in blackjack. Players are more often willing to communicate more in-depth online than in a casino, so make sure you take advantage of the advice.

No matter what your skill level, blackjack has traits for any player to enjoy. New players are encouraged to test the game for themselves and see what all the hype is about. It is a guarantee that if you love card games, gambling and playing blackjack online in Australia, twenty-one will be right up your alley.