Reviews for Online Casinos in Australia

The best places for internet gambling for Aussies

Great Commission Casino Choices is the #1 place on the Internet to find the best Australia online casino reviews. Our site will let you know the best places to gamble and play blackjack, pokies, roulette and slots. Plus, we’ll even keep you up-to-date on all of the bonuses the top online casinos in

#1 – Omni Casino

five stars


Omni Casino is likely one of the very best but least known casinos when it comes to internet gaming. Omni has developed a credible and solid track record over the previous twelve years with an extremely devoted amount of members. Omni is well respected and recognized through the online gaming industry. They’ve won thirty-three awards for their excellence as an internet casino.

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#2 – CasinoLuck

four and a half stars


This casino has been operating since as far back as 1998 but updates over the past couple of years have transformed it into a top quality, all-around casino. With everything from pokies of all genres to classic casino games, a huge selection of mobile games and a live casino section, CasinoLuck certainly seem to have all of the bases covered! Of course it also helps that their welcome package includes a generous 100% bonus as well as 100 free spins!

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#3 – Fly Casino

four stars


Fly Casino is an outstanding new-comer in the online gaming market and look like they ready to be an overwhelming success. Peak Interactive N.V. is the owner and operator of Fly, which also owns Omini Casino, one of the most respected online casinos in the world. Their sixteen years in the internet casino business makes Fly Casino a great place to play.

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#4 – NextCasino

four stars


NextCasino offers quite possibly the most comprehensive selection of games in the business as well as having a mobile platform with more games than any other. Their selection covers every genre and includes pokies of every description, casino table games, progressive jackpot games and live casino games from the likes of NetEnt, Microgaming and Evolution Gaming (to name but a few). All of this, combined with a welcome package of a 100% bonus and 100 free spins makes NextCasino a must!

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Casinos have been around for centuries, having first been officially established during the 1700’s. The first traditional casino opened in Barden, England in the year 1765- 200+ years later and the first websites dedicated to online gambling were established for users to play from their homes. Evidence of gambling taking place can be traced back much earlier than the 1700’s to cultures and communities in southern Asia. What is present day China was reportedly the first location that used means of wagering to settle disputes, but this quickly turned into a form of entertainment as users noticed how amusing it was. Today, rooms, buildings, and even entire cities have been dedicated to the act of gambling and you can stay at home in Australia and play online.

australia online casinosIt was inevitable that as the Internet became more popular and its use became more widespread that online gambling was going to try and stake its claim. The concept and means of internet gambling has been around ever since the Internet was first established, though it wasn’t actually utilized until several years after the fact. Although the technology was available to support it, online gambling has only become popular in the last twenty years, and was at first only accessible through an established building rather than a personal Internet connection. Gambling establishments were hesitant to make their way on to the web, but gradually stepped outside of traditional establishments in order to give players the chance to experience gambling from anywhere that had decent Internet access. With recent rapid advances in technology, online casinos can now be accessed from computers, phones, and numerous other devices with Internet capabilities. Online casinos mimic their physical brothers by the fact they allow users to gamble and place bets, but have surpassed their counter parts in rate of growth because of their easy access and perks. Not everyone enjoys being at a loud and busy casino, and Australia online casinos gives those patrons the chance to still enjoy the thrill of playing in a setting they approve of. Plus, there are many sites that give Australia online casino reviews.

casino online australiaThere are several distinct advantages to gambling online, but how did Internet based casinos first make their entrance into cyberspace? The three main reasons why gambling took off on the Internet was the establishment of gaming software and it’s introduction to gambling houses in the 70’s, the year 1994 and the development of a user-friendly interface. 1994 is significant because it is the year when online casinos first began to be utilized by people all over the world, in large part due to an easier to navigate platform. This time period is also when internet gambling became especially popular in online casinos in Australia. Australians, along with people all across the world, enjoy gambling online because it is convenient and doesn’t come with all the unnecessary aspects the casino comes with. It’s a perfect set-up for those who love gambling but don’t want to travel or have social interactions. Players can take part in real time poker with lively visual settings, chat with one another as they participate, view their statistics on all the games they have played, and generally do anything else that is offered at a traditional casino. Games are just as diverse including online blackjack, slots, pokies and roulette, lights are just as bright and sounds are equally as vibrant. The best part is of course the money – it is just as real as the cash you can win in a casino. Plus, sites like this one (Gold Coast Casino Choices) will give you great tips for online casino reviews Australia.

online casinos in australiaSome Australia online casino websites will offer new users benefits, which may include a “welcome bonus”. A welcome bonus is an initial sum given to a new user to try out a bunch of games and get acquainted with the online atmosphere. These amounts are automatically added to the user’s funds and it allows them to enjoy a variety of games on the casino’s dime. First-timers in Australia are often fortunate enough to get a start-up bonus that can exceed $1,000 during special promotions. Many Australian gambling sites also give visitors the option to choose their own risk level, asking the user whether they would like to play for false funds or use real money, depending on their personal comfort zone.

australia internet casinosToday, it is common to see online players taking on more of a professional attitude than a “for fun” one. Playing online is a serious activity for some Australian users (they even check out Australian online casino review sites to find out the best places to play) and a very real way to make large amounts of money. Many players have replaced their incomes they were making from their jobs, but this is the exception rather than the norm. The clientele range is still extremely varied, and more and more new users join every day just to try out the experience of playing online. Many users prefer gambling online before going to an establishment in order to gain proper experience of how the games are accurately played. When playing online, users will be able to become better players and see firsthand how the games are set up. When they’ve improved to a certain level, they are now more prepared to participate in a physical casino.

online casino reviews australiaAlthough many use online gambling as a stepping-stone to trying their hand in a gambling den, many continue to come back online because of its accessibility and ease of use. Those who aren’t acquainted with the online world often cite concerns of safety and security as potential reasons to avoid playing online. It is safe to say that security detail has increased over the years as online gambling has ballooned in popularity. To protect customers, “watchdog” groups have been hired to monitor activity to help make online casinos safe for the many millions of users who play online every day. They keep an eye out for any suspicious activity and govern the status of players to ensure users and their money isn’t being taken advantage of. Contrary to popular belief, these websites are a safe and effective way to be entertained. The best Australian online casinos are a protected, convenient, and fun way to spend time online, improve skills and develop expertise in gambling.