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online roulette australiaRoulette is one of many casino games played both online and offline, and is considered to be nearly as popular as blackjack and slots in Australia. The term roulette comes from a French word that roughly translates to “little wheel”. How Roulette works is players have the option to choose one or multiple numbers from a spinning roulette wheel and place a bet on the corresponding table. The Roulette table has a series of options for possible bets, such as odd, even, black, red or individual numbers and the player picks what they want to place their chips on based on what they believe will come up from the spinning of the wheel. A particular slot comes up from the spinning of a ball around the wheel. As the wheel spins, the ball will eventually lose its momentum and drop into one of the pockets to determine the winning number. There are many ways to place a bet on which number or numbers the player suspects the ball will land on in order to win money. Players typically base their bets on the calculation of probabilities with simple math. There are various different “types” of Roulette, from American to European, with the biggest difference being the number of tiles or numbers in a wheel. Although Australia hasn’t yet standardized their own form of the game, it is still enjoyed greatly among residents through websites and casinos.

Roulette started in France over three centuries ago

history of rouletteRoulette has been played all over the world for close to 300 years. A French mathematician who had first invented the calculator also came up with the original Roulette. The Frenchman was named Blaise Pascal and he came up with the idea as he was attempting to design a device with perpetual motion. Instead of coming up with the intended product, he incidentally created something that would live on far after his death. Originally known as “La Roulette”, the game has gone through multiple modifications over the centuries to finally end up with the game that is now known and loved worldwide. The Blanc brothers are credited with making the most recent alterations, placing numbers on the wheel and adding colors to the numbers. Legend has it that the two brothers had agreed to sell their souls to the devil in order to obtain all the secrets behind Roulette – and if added, the tiles of 1-36 will add up to 666, otherwise known to be Satan’s number. Roulette became increasingly popular at the start of the 19th century and was a common addition to casinos all over Europe and America. Rumor has it that original players were so eager to place their bets that they would willingly give up their entire assets for the opportunity. This is not a recommended strategy.

Live online roulette for real money can be played in your home in Australia

online roulette for real money for AustraliansThis iconic game can now be enjoyed in more places than just a casino. Real money, online casino roulette is a fun and exciting way to bring your favourite casino game back home without having to travel a large number of miles to get it. The rules are simple enough for most anyone to understand, but math lovers and thrill seekers who enjoy figuring out the calculations love to try their hand at outsmarting the wheel by weighing the risks and understanding the odds in order to win large prizes. Roulette is a game of chance, but opportunities can be figured out and bet against to increase the likelihood of winning. This is why it is one of the best games to make money at while still having fun. Online Roulette is ideal for those who prefer the peace and quiet of home while playing one of their favorite casino games, free of any interruption or judgment from the other players or the croupier. It is also an excellent way to make a few extra dollars for the upcoming holidays, a loved one’s birthday, or to pay the outstanding bills.

lady playing rouletteSimilar to online blackjack and other forms of casino games, real money online Roulette players are usually offered starting bonuses by gaming websites to entice them to play at their particular website. This can be in the form of an adequate starting sum or a number of free plays. Before the game takes place, players want to ensure they have a beneficial system put in place that will ultimately work against the odds and increase the chances of making a profit. Several online sources will try and scam potential players by giving them false information that claims to have them winning nine times out of ten, when in reality their funds will rapidly decrease and ultimately make the player lose most of the time. Be aware of this and only sign up to fair and recognized gambling websites. Finding a trusted website is a very important point and is often a good source of information to help maximize winnings. With a general understanding of probability and the right system, anyone could easily start making a little money by playing Roulette online in Australia.