Online Slots Australia – Reviews

#1 – NextCasino

five stars


NextCasino is known for giving the best live gaming experience to online players. With their live casino feature, players feel as if they are literally standing on the casino floor making a live bet. Realism is not the only thing NextCasino is popular for. They have the largest selection of games available from any site out there. With over 600 games from trusted platforms like NetEnt, Microgaming, Evolution Gaming and more, players will never find a shortage of video slot machines to choose from.
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#2 – CasinoLuck

four and a half stars


CasinoLuck takes online slots and pokies to a whole new level. With over 600 games to choose from, and a slick mobile platform, updated interface & software, and live casino feature, you get the very best online gaming experience. CasinoLuck has been around since 1998. With outstanding customer support, and a secure platform, they have gained the trust and reputation from players as one of the top sites for online gaming in Australia.
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play online slots in australiaOne of the most iconic symbols of casinos around the world is the ringing and dinging of slot machines and now you can even play online slots in Australia. A slot machine is one of the most basic, most used and loudest machines you can find in a casino. It is a simple unit that contains 3-5 separate spinning reels that rotate within the slots. Each of the reels typically holds 5-50 different symbols – the original models had symbols from spades to diamonds, horseshoes, hearts, and the iconic Liberty Bell. The machine’s design allowed the player to receive their winnings in a fast and effective way by having the winnings automatically dispensed after the game based on the combination of symbols displayed. Originally, a result of three Liberty Bells earned the user the highest prize, which was the equivalent to fifty cents. This symbol was the iconic mark of a grand prize winner back in the day, and the machines were therefore appropriately dubbed the “Liberty Bell” for a time. The ease of use and the instant winnings quickly made these machines the most popular attractions to be found in any casino. Casinos around the world quickly realized that the high demand for these easily obtainable machines could be met immediately, translating into an overflow of profit for the establishment. Slot machines have been toyed and tinkered with over the years and now come in an assortment of different varieties. There are different symbols, unique payout schemes and still the same old vibrant sounds.

The first slots

old slot machineSlot machines first started popping up about 120 years ago in small bars and pubs in North America then made their way to Australia. Simple iterations of the device were first seen in upstate New York and paid out winners a prize that the establishment chose. Playing at a grungy bar might mean walking out with a pack of cigarettes as the big winner. Players did not seem to mind what they got as a prize and quickly fell in love with the game. It began appearing in more bars and the casino’s eventually caught on that this was going to be the next big thing. A slot machine, especially back in the day, is a relatively simple machine. It works off a simple lever or button system and randomly goes through and picks a number of possible symbols. As the game became more popular and began to transition to a virtual format, companies began tweaking the software that the machines ran on to alter the odds. The number of possibilities for a combination of particular symbols turning up is in the millions on many machines. There are elaborate probabilities and algorithm sequences that are inputted into the software for every slot machine. As the game transitioned onto the Internet about 25 years ago, the ability to fine tune probabilities and combinations became even simpler. The odds of coming out with some sort of winnings in slots, whether online or not, is fairly high, but it is important to remember that the house still wins more times than not. Slots are a game of chance and that chance is leveraged slightly higher for the owner to keep them profitable.

five-reel-online-slotsSlots are still a relatively new game to both the Internet gambling world and the casino in Australia when compared to games like craps, roulette and blackjack. As a matter of fact, the discussions of creating the outline that online slot machines continue to follow began about 135 years ago. Though ideas were tossed around, Charles Fe, who – even though he cannot be credited with the original concept of the machine- is considered to be the father of slots, didn’t create a physical machine until 1887. The machine he invented is very similar to the ones found in both land based casinos and online casinos today. These machines have been reported to be responsible for making up as much as 70% of particular casino’s entire gaming income, which would explain the endless rows of machines that await players the moment they set foot through the door.

Online slots are popular with Australians

australia pokiesSlots are very easy to understand and operate. With the push of a button or turn of a handle, the player will immediately see the outcome of the game and be told through simple pictures how much or how little they have won. It is quick, yet suspenseful, to see the images swirl past until they finally settle on 3 to 5 distinct images. The thrills the player experiences are in the unknown and the hope that the next time will be the big winner. When a jackpot or high payout has been reached, the lights go off on the machine and cheerful buzzes and other sounds ring in the air, only adding to the excitement. Slots are played by one user at a time, which is ideal for those who don’t like to interact with other players and would much rather focus on the game itself. Online slots are accessible on nearly every online gambling website site, and many residents of Australia have quickly become fixated with this relatively new and exciting game.

Unlike blackjack or other skill-based games, slots do not require an elaborate plan in order to win money. It is one of the few games that are almost completely left to chance, with the player having little control over the outcome. In this way, thrill seekers love the mental excitement that comes when playing slots and often try their hand for long periods of time. By playing online rather than at a casino, players can choose to abandon play at any point and go make a sandwich. At the casino, a player may feel obligated to stay because they have travelled to be there and want it to be worthwhile. This is not the case online; simply get up off the computer after a profit has been made. When wanting to maximize the potential winnings, it is important to put the proper number of coins used for each round and to set the maximum amount of money that is willing to be lost on each round. A higher number of coins sacrificed means a higher potential payout. Online slots in Australia are a simple, fast, and exciting way to gamble and potentially receive winnings immediately.